Erlang Connection

An open and collaborative European platform for a sustainable Erlang ecosystem

A new way of thinking and doing with Erlang

Erlang is a functional and distributed programming language based on modern concept. This uncommon paradigm can be complex to understand. We are here to help you to progress.

Our vision to the IT world

Erlang Connection is a free and open organization. We want to create a platform where people can share and exchange about their experiences and usage in Erlang. Get all you need to succeed with Erlang.

The active members of the community

Erlang is an open-source language, with a large community of different profile. We want to give you the possibility to meet them, from social events to mentoring.

Our Services (coming soon)

Become a member, and access to a large community of Erlang professional using this language day to day.

Erlang Touch (soon)

With Erlang Touch stay in contact with users, developers and companies using Erlang in their day to day activities.

Erlang Punch (soon)

Mentors and mentees can meet on the platform to learn about the languages and programs based on Erlang.

Erlang Connect

Conferences, meetups, or social events to see each other, in Europe.

Meet The Team

Made by passionate to everyone. Our team is here to help you reaching your goals and answers your questions. Contact them, they will be happy

BenoƮt Chesneau

President (co-founder)

Benoit Chesneau is the founder of Enki Multimedia, a company providing P2P and data solutions and consulting. He has 14 years of experience in Erlang and is the author of many opensource libraries and projects. He is also the author of Gunicorn a well known WSGI server written in Python.

Mathieu Kerjouan

Secretary (co-founder)

Sysadmin and System Architect. Felt in love with functional programming many years ago. Use OpenBSD and Erlang in day to day activities. Like to share its knowledge and organize events in France and Europe.

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